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From 12th November 2017, changes to the food standards code to permitt the sale of low-slow phychoactive hemp as a food are effictive in Australia.

Protein rich hemp seeds can now be grown and sold as food.



Along with Hemp Food the other sleeping giant that will make an incredible beneficial change to the environment is the production of Hemp Bio-fuel. We are working hard on the ground to establish a Bio-fuel pilot plant and commence the initial first stage of production.

The facility being totally green will be run by Solar and our own manufactured Bio-fuel, as will the trucks that carry the goods.

We are moving forward at a positive rate and our expert panel is looking forward to a meeting to discuss our progress with the Agricultural Minister and representatives from State Government departments.

Now in Australia the textiles and building products are an industry waiting to expand.

The Company can now also announce that it will be securing land to grow the trial crops. The appropriate licenses are now being applied for.

Hemp - Creating Jobs, attracting new business and growth for Queensland.

"Did you know there are 25,000 uses for Industrial Hemp, all totally green".

We hope to establish a factory to manufacture Queensland's own "Hemp Mattresses".

This will be an Australian first.

If you would like to be apart of this exciting industry and would like to discuss manufacturing possibilities contact Russ Cousins on 1300 366 923 or our contact page.




"Wake up Australia! Let's get on with it!"